SHANGHAI–BOC Edwards Monday (May 17) said it will construct a 60-tonnes per year high-purity, silane transfill facility in Suzhou, China.

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<p>The agreement gives more than 25,000 DesignWare users access to a core that Philips announced just last month. It targets ultra-low-power applications such as hearing aids as well as MP3 players, digital headsets and Bluetooth wireless applications.</p>

SHANGHAI–BOC Edwards Monday (May 17) said it will construct a 60-tonnes per year high-purity, silane transfill facility in Suzhou, China.

Matsushita just launched operations at a second PDP fab in Ibaraki, Osaka, last month with a capacity of 40,000 units. Along with its first PDP fab there and another in Shanghai, Matsushita now has production capacity totaling about 80,000 units a month. With the second Ibaraki fab scheduled to double its capacity by next year, Matsushita will have established the yearly capacity of 1.5 million units.

When the new fab goes in full operation in 2007, it will add about 3 million units per year, making Matsushita the top supplier with 4.5 million PDP panels annually.

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Matsushita held about 30 percent of the Japanese PDP market in 2003 and expects to increase its share here to about 35 percent this year, according to Masaaki Fujita, director of PDP TV Business Unit of Panasonic AVC Networks Co. In terms of global market, the company is aiming for 30 percent by 2005. It currently holds a 20-percent share.

Matsushita also has digital light processing rear-projection TV sets in its product portfolio to meet demand for larger-sized TV sets, but its focus now is direct view flat TV sets. We are going to promote the Viera series for the large-sized market,” said Fujita.

The Viera series is Matsushita's direct view flat-panel TV family consisting of PDP and LCD TV sets.

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LONDON — Optical communications powerhouse JDS Uniphase is back on the acquisitions trail, paying $60 million in cash for E2O Communications Inc. The acquisition significantly expands its presence in the optical data communications market.

JDS said the acquisition expands its customer base, brings it important new technologies while allowing it to achieve greater operational efficiencies.

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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., E2O develops and manufactures optical transceivers to support Fast, Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, 1X-4X and 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel, Escon, ATM and Sonet.

E2O supplies major data commuications customers, including seven that add to JDS Uniphase's customer base. E2O's revenues in recent quarters have been in excess of $5 million.

Originally launched as Silicon Forest Research, Lighthouse is emerging from several years of very aggressive research” in verification, said president and chief executive officer Clifton Lyons. The company now has a production-ready product and several customers, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mentor Graphics' intellectual-property (IP) division and SanDisk, he said.

Our mission is to dramatically improve functional verification,” said Lyons. We didn't want to just do an evolutionary 10 percent improvement, but a whole new approach that would allow us to improve it by a factor of 10 and at the same time make it easy to adopt for people who are new to it.”

Lyons is a former director of engineering at Mentor Graphics Corp. and was a founder of Performance CAD. Sudhir Kadkade, Lighthouse's chief technology officer, led the engineering team that produced the widely used Verilog-XL simulator when he was at Cadence Design Systems Inc. Mark Olen, vice president of sales and marketing, previously worked for Mentor, Teradyne Inc. and Cascade Microtech Inc.

Lighthouse's inFact Intelligent Compiler (iComp) compiles a C++ specification that describes a design's behavior, and synthesizes executable sequence generators that adaptively construct sequences of transactions during simulation. The run-time environment, iSync, manages the interaction between one or more sequence generators during simulation. Lighthouse also offers iGen, a library of synthesized engines for standard interfaces, and iSpec, a utility for building custom interfaces.

The company claims to be offering unique, nondeterministic technology that combines elements of formal verification and functional simulation. The programming approaches done in the past make it impossible to add a sufficient level of intelligence to the system,” said. So we took an automata-based approach using Backus-Naur Form [BNF] that allows us to take a very abstract description from the user [of] what the design is capable of doing.”