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Tate said the licensing campaign is part of Rambus' efforts to generate a return on investments in technology innovations, which then benefit the company's shareholders.

We believe our RDRAM memory interface is the best solution for the majority of the market,” Tate said. Developing and marketing the RDRAM memory interface has been and remains our top priority. But we are willing to license our intellectual property for other memory interface solutions as well.”

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Rambus' stock took a major hit in trading on Tuesday, following an EBN news story that said Intel is dropping Direct Rambus DRAMs from every computing platform but high-end workstations by the middle of 2001. Rambus stock fell 15.9 percent in trading Tuesday after recovering from more than a 25 percent drop in the middle of the day, closing at 44 15/16 per share, a drop of 8 1/2.

Although more buyers are beginning to use online exchanges, concerns about privacy and security are still giving them the jitters.

Those running the exchanges, however, report that breaches of information are more fiction than fact. Nevertheless, to put such worries to rest, online companies are leveraging the newest technologies to ensure that customers feel comfortable using their sites.

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Suppliers and buyers are both concerned,” said Shane Tulloch, director and general manager of the high-tech sector at FreeMarkets Inc. in San Jose. Often, there are situations where suppliers that are normally competitors are using the same e-marketplace, so they want to make sure data is protected and secure. For buyers, the exchange of real pricing information on big contracts is occurring, and when corporations are thinking about sourcing strategic direct materials, they don't want to be on a platform where anyone else can see their data.”

Most independent parts exchanges promise neutrality; that is, they don't favor either the buyer or the seller in an online transaction.

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Neutrality is also important because it provides suppliers and OEMs with a high degree of certainty that their data will remain private, according to trading-exchange providers.

set_input_delay = 0.3 * Cycle Timeset_output_delay = 0.3 * Cycle Time

The default I/O constraints appear as described above. We experimented with changing these defaults, but we didn't measure any improvement in the final results. The reason is that the pass0 purpose is to achieve mapped design for budgeting, and changing the constraints doesn't influence the final results.

As already mentioned, PID and SID were set with the dont_touch attribute. Therefore, ACS doesn't generate synthesis scripts for these modules. The goals of this pass are to compile the design (medium effort), and generate a preliminary netlist to allow the design budgeter to create timing constraints for each module. In some cases, depending on the timing target, the pass0 compile can be good enough.

Note: 2000.05, Pass0 uses RTL budgeting we didn't check the result with this version.